Accoya® wood is definitely the material of choice for window. In our designs we achieve exceptional overall performance while maintaining the beauty that wooden windows deliver to any home. Pros: Low-maintenance outside, they can provide the look of timber inside. Offering a fantastic blend of looks and technical performance for each style, Leekes' timber home windows are all bespoke, made to measure units, providing you with unmatched flexibility on all aspects of size, glazing bar width and curved elements, amongst others.wood windows design
Timber now gives a competitive, stylish and effective alternative to uPVC. A long term expense, timber windows also brag eco-friendly credentials and arctic efficiency due to getting a naturally insulating materials. For many; one of the most pleasing thing is the method wooden windows look and having the option to paint them in any kind of colour.
Were a well established company that could offer a mixture of modern technology and traditional skills. This brings about our ability to undertake many different projects from a regular range of windows and doors for a new build or matching an existing design for listed properties. Like a family business we all pride ourselves on consumer satisfaction, skills and experience with wood.
Wooden windows are considered to end up being the best looking type of double glazed home windows. Coordinating with separate window painters was quite a pain. Lesson learned, get a great painter and hire then as soon as you sign the contract to make the windows. They could be booked out quite a bit in advance! Modern technologies enable us to create lasting wooden windows and at the same time to retain traditional features that can complement your property.
Wooden windows can also end up being constructed to complement the casings and decor of wood windows which can be already getting used in a project you are working with. Our wooden home windows are available in a range of styles, by side or top-hung casement windows available in flush” or stormproof” casement styles, to vertical sliding sash windows, and even bifolding windows which can give very large openings.
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